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How to Prepare - before arriving for Total Solar Eclipse

As we get closer and closer to the day of the Total Solar Eclipse, it is becoming more and more apparent that this is a BIG deal! Given this, here are a few tips for how best to prepare: (Note: many of these may be helpful, no matter where you choose to enjoy the eclipse)

Arrive early - Feel free to arrive as early as 10 AM to park, while our facilities will be open - we will begin serving wine no earlier than 11 AM, based on GA rules.

Space is limited and we may get full at some point, at the same time, we are prepared for a large crowd of up to 300.

Not that early - Sorry, we are not authorized for overnight parking or camping.

Pee Early - How else can we say this? Plan ahead, preferably 45 minutes or so prior the Total Eclipse at 2:35 PM. Who wants to experience totality in the restroom?

Plan accordingly - We want our SV Team to experience the eclipse as well. From 2:15 to 3:00 PM, our team will be pausing to enjoy the spectacular spectacle in the sky. Thank you for understanding and sharing this experience with us. Of course, we realize that sometimes, nature calls - our main restroom will remain open - although it is not a great place to view the eclipse!

Here’s what to bring:

Food & Water - While we have Made in Georgia snacks available for purchase, we encourage you to bring a picnic with snacks and ice-cold drinks. Please note, given Georgia rules, guests are only permitted to consume alcohol purchased from SV; we can begin serving wine at 11 AM.  

Sunscreen - Always good to put on in the hot Georgia sun.

Broad-brimmed Hat - Added protection to keep the sun off your head, face, and neck.

Chairs - Be sure each person in your party has one.  

Cash - Remember what this is? As always, we take credit cards for purchases; we also know that the credit card companies are dependent on WiFi, which requires an uncluttered network.

Phone - Yes, we get it, who needs a reminder to bring a phone? Be sure it is fully charged and realize that nearby cell towers may be overwhelmed at times.

Binoculars - What a great way to get close-up views of the corona during the total phase of the eclipse! During the half-hour or so prior to totality, you can scan the sky away from the sun to see if you can locate Venus and possibly Jupiter (?).

Low-tech Entertainment - Especially important for guests with children to keep them happy, comfortable, and occupied; we recommend you bring something reliable for entertaining that does not rely on wireless access.

Patience - Wherever you decide to view the eclipse, there is a good chance that there will be lots of people joining you. Some places will have many times the number of people they expect. After all, how do you fully prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime event?